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Mom and Dad decided a day in the 80s that I had to be Guido, and four years later they gave me an MSX.
What followed is the natural consequence.
This decade I'm @khs9ne, but I have many names.
I do code. Mainly implementing robust bitcoin stuff for institutions (sic!), at this very moment.
I'm into Bitcoin since, well, a while. Before Bitcoin there was not.. I did building automation for years.
Funny thing is I never gave a shit about money, but this cypherpunks thing looked cool at that time.
I used to have a blog, commenting stuff, going social, but it's just a bla bla bla I'm not comfortable with, anymore.

Life can be very harsh. Rise (the fuck) up.


- mempoolco's Bitcoin Testnet Faucet
- The original Bitcoin whitepaper, published by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto
- Bitcoin whitepaper with references, 10x to
- Some code: spruned, chaindns, something else
- A proposal for UTXO sharding I wish to implement
- A signatures delegation implementation for utxo swaps & compression on n-om-m infrastructures
- The day I've inflated the Bitcoin testnet3, using CVE-2018-17144, creating coins out of thin air.
- Even sipa laughed hard that the first Bitcoin segwit mainnet tx wasn't his own. It was mine!

20220115, Italy 2022

Italians are totally fucked up.
Incompetence, short-sighted vision, and corruption are still dominating the scene.
The current government is highly contaminated by lobbying and toxic narratives.
Useless, dangerous, divisive laws are established without the parliament having a voice, using the leverage of the "emergency status".
Consumerism is the de-facto standard for administering economics, public health, and "safety".
Cognitive dissonance is dominating.
The media fuels multiple contradictive narratives by using opaque numbers, advocating for even more exformated data.
Multiple voices echo themselves on one side or another.
Reality is distorted by multiple sources, causing harm and pain. Again, on one side, or another.
We live in times where people have to show a QR to sit outside of a bar and take an espresso, and the majority doesn't care.
We live in times where people refuse to take care of themselves, because of a legit lack of trust in the institutions.
Indeed, they constantly lied, and continue to lie every single day.
Sometimes the majority read the news, and then endorse for even a stricter attitude by the authorities.
The media did a masterpiece.

20210708, On Julian Assange

Whether you support or not Wikileaks as an organization, you have to recognize that what is happening to Julian Assange is more than a shitshow.
The US, with the complicity of Europe, the UK, and Australia, are financing a more-than-10-years persecution nowadays with basically no substantial accusations.
Charges in Europe have been withdrawn years ago, the US lost the extradition cause for a trial based on lies and witnesses like Siggi the hacker,
who recently admitted he completely lied to the DoJ to save himself.
Assange served a year sentence for skipping bail (when he entered the Ecuador embassy, to obtain political asylum),
but he's still jailed today with no formal charges in the UK, still risking being extradited on appeal into the US, that would mean, well, that he's dead.
Before entering the Ecuador embassy, in where he got locke.. protected for seven years without leaving it a single day, he has been under house arrest for two years, refused to be questioned by the court.

All, all, again, all, because he published on US misconduct and war crimes.
Choose your side.